Computer Study Camps

1. Introduction to Computers and Programming:

The students will learn basic computer skills including understanding the components of the system, keyboarding skills, and introduction to programming using Blockly and Blockly games developed by Google. Skills learned will translate to the Scratch environment developed by MIT.

Blockly is a great introductory course for computer programming for younger children.

Ages: 5 and older

2. Game Designing:

Minecraft is an educational game that motivates learning of all subjects, including math and science. You child will learn problem solving, coding, and designing skills through strategy and exploration. Using digital versions of blocks students are encouraged to create their own interactive world with the help of their imagination and creativity.

Ages: 5 and older

3. Python Coding

Apps have become an important part of everyday life. Through our smartphones, we use apps to do almost everything from checking our emails to ordering a product on Amazon. However, no app can be created without prior knowledge of coding.

This camp is designed to teach basic computer programming using Python . It will teach your child creativity, logical reasoning, and problem solving skills. Students will create small structured projects under the guidance of qualified instructors. The course fosters the love for coding, which is an important skill to have in this day and age. It’s never too early for your kid to start learning!

Ages: 8 and older

4. Scratch Programming

Scratch is an MIT-based programming tool, that is used by students of all ages: from elementary through college. Your child will first learn the basics of programming starting with a series of hands-on activities. Then through Scratch, your child will learn other programming fundamentals, such as drag-and-drop programming, and be able to create their own stories, games, and animations.

Scratch is a great introductory course for computer programming, and in conjunction with our camp’s curriculum your child will advance from being a computer user to being a program creator.

Ages: 6 and older

5. Web Programming with HTML and JavaScript

HTML and JavaScript are the standard languages for website building, meaning if you were creating your own website you will most likely use these two coding languages to build it. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is used to create the basic outline of a website. JavaScript is a scripting language, and is used to make websites more interactive for its users. In this camp, your child will first learn the basics of HTML and JavaScript configuration, and then afterwards will be tasked with small website-building projects using the the two coding languages.

Ages: 8 and older