Chess Camps

Chess Camps Pleasanton

At the end of the camps, there will be a team-based chess competition. Every kid is welcome to participate!

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  • Proper board set-up & piece placement
  • Algebraic Notation – Chess Language
  • Basic Principles of the Game
  • What is a real price of each chess piece?
  • What is the difference between checkmate and stalemate?
  • Basic openings, and simple middlegames and endgames
  • How chess pieces interact with each other
  • What is a blunder?
  • Why we trade pieces?


  • Elements of tactics
  • Strategy and positional game
  • Fitted Chess openings for each player
  • Middle game planning
  • Endgame technique
  • Simultaneous displays
  • How to solve chess problems and compositions
  • How to use a computer in chess preparation


  • Exchange sacrifice
  • Open file
  • Weak squares and diagonals
  • Wind mill and other elements of tactics
  • Dragon variation, King-Indian Defense and other sharp opening systems
  • Who is Magnus Carlsen? What does it mean to be a world champion? Can I beat him?
  • How to beat your chess program
  • 16 world champions? How did they play?
  • Great chess personalities and examples of their creativity
  • Blindfolded chess. Can you do it?