Arts and Crafts Creative Writing

Arts and Crafts

Every child is an artist! Our nurturing environment and low student to teacher ratio will help your child gain confidence in their own creative skills, which in turn will enhance their artistic skills. Your child will use their own imagination to create their very own art work. The curriculum includes learning various drawing and painting techniques, learning how to knit and sew, and creating material-based craft projects.

Creative Writing

Our curriculum is designed to promote the pleasure and power that comes from learning how to express oneself through the language arts. Your child will write essays, poems, stories, and skits in daily lessons. They will learn various writing strategies and proper grammar usage. Your child will learn how to differentiate and write narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive texts of around 500 - 700 words. They will also work on word analysis and build their vocabulary, creative writing and critical thinking skills. And finally, your child will learn how to properly edit and make revisions on their own work, and then share their work with other student participants.