Language Arts

Language Arts

Two important aspects of literacy are reading and writing because great readers become skilled writers and excellent writers know how to analyze literature.


Our program promotes reading comprehension by focusing on specific reading strategies that have been shown to improve understanding and recall. The following the five strategies are the foundation of our reading comprehension program: making personal and meaningful connections, developing question and answer relationships, using mental imagery, recognizing when inference is needed for better understanding, and summarizing or retelling what has been read. These strategies are reviewed during our daily reading routine. Specific lessons are also presented, which are aligned with what is being taught in our students classes.


Our writing program fosuses specifically on what is expected at each individual grade level based on the common core requirements for grade levels K-8. Because each grade level has benchmarks and requirements that expand over time, our teachers design lessons and writing assignments that focus on promoting writing skills that meet these requirements. These lessons and assignments are directly related not only to what is being instructed inside the student's classroom, but also to meet the required common core curriculum benchmarks.