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Math Squared

Math Squared

Grades K-6

Math Squared is designed to boost your child's understanding of math concepts. With this self-paced system, students are able to accelerate through work books at and above their grade level. A group of engineers, psychologists and math educators have created this innovative way of teaching math to young minds, while making it fun and easy. With this program your student will not only master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but will also be molded to think logically, creatively, and critically. The students are then able to apply these skills towards everyday life math situations, and see that math is not just repetition on paper!

Academic Plus is a licensed Math Squared Learning Center. Classes are offered twice a week-about eight times total in a month. Each class time varies with child level and age group.


A guideline for times are as follows

K: 20-40 min

1st: 30-50 min

2nd: 40-60 min

3rd and up: 40-70 min

All new students are required to take an evaluation test to determine placement and eligibility.

To find out in depth information, please visit Math Squared’s website: